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We are dedicated to the creation and implementation of tailored security strategies and solutions to keep you and your organization safe in today's challenging world.

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We bring many years of experience in the fields of security, intelligence and critical decision making. This experience stems from the challenges associated with the national security of Israel and the USA. Our personnel is composed of the brave men and women who had an important role in the resolution of those challenges.

Access to relevant intelligence

Our strong relationship with the security and intelligence communities keep us updated on threats and constantly changing modus operandi.

Strategic / Holistic Approach

We offer a comprehensive and methodological approach to security. We prioritize strategy and the integration of the human, technological and physical factors.

Prevention Specialists

Our vast knowledge on the possible threats, enables us to craft unique and creative strategies that are primarily focused on prevention.

Non-biased / transparent reports

Our recommendations are generic, transparent and have only our client's best interest in mind. We do not endorse specific brands.

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